Tencent UP 2013 – Blade and Soul China catches (almost) the Korean version

Meanwhile a Western release "next year", Blade and Soul prepares its third phase of beta testing in China (from 7 May) and catch the contents of the original version of the martial arts MMO. In South Korea, Blade and Soul clearly captivated local players - the martial arts MMO NCsoft remains in the Top 5 of the most popular online games in PC Bangs and remains the second most played MMO Korea behind Aion . But beyond Korea, NCsoft currently pays particular attention to the Chinese version of the game (used in ex-Middle Kingdom by Tencent ), the "beta 3" will begin in China on May 7 pending exit before the end of the year. At the conferences of Tencent UP 2013 which was held in Shanghai yesterday, the Korean developer and publisher China stressed in particular that the Chinese version of the MMO benefit almost the same level of content that the Korean version currently operating. Chinese players will be able to test the new class of Sword Master (this class allowing small Lyn wield swords enchanted) or explore areas PvP MMO unpublished martial arts. CommentTencent UP 2013 - Trailer of "beta 3" Chinese Blade and Soul For the record, Blade and Soul is also expected in the West. This English version of the MMO should be launched "next year."

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